maanantai 6. tammikuuta 2020

CATHERINE LUDWIG: NATURE TRANSFORMATIONS Exhibition opens on 7th of January 2020 at 17:00

“In my work, I deal with different epochs, periods and spaces. Among other things, there are questions about leisure and culture in connection with (pretended) nature and public space. Who can use the public space and for what? What concept of nature are established and how do these ideas on the other hand form spaces that are accessible for tourism purposes? There is a desire for untouched nature that is marketed in pictures, but in reality, it can hardly be found anymore. In the age of the Anthropocene we are threatened with the loss of the experience of nature, because almost everything is developed, climbed and exploited. We are part of the nature and are well on our way to sustainably damaging it. But we, the humans, are the loser in the long term. Because nature reacts according to its own laws, it is impossible to negotiate with it in the traditional sense. It is characteristic of humankind that our interventions in nature backfire on us..."

The first exhibition of Neliö-Galleria in 2020 will feature works by Viennese artist Catherine Ludwig. In 2020, Neliö-Galleria will celebrate its 35th anniversary by taking a step towards more international program and activities. One of these steps is the collaboration with international Hotel Infinity collective founded by Oulu-based sculptor Minna Kangasmaa. The aim of the collaboration is to bring new, interesting contemporary art to Northern Finland, and to offer opportunities for local artists to showcase their work in more international arenas.

Neliö-Galleria, an art gallery located in Oulu, is one of the oldest private art galleries in Northern Finland. In September 2018, it became the first private artist-run gallery in Oulu, when the painter Kirsi Tervo began to maintain the gallery. Each year, the gallery presents 12-13 high-profile exhibitions in the fine arts and has always free entry for the public. In addition, Neliö-Galleria is also the organiser of the Small Northern Art Week, a one-week intensive exhibition displaying the current works of local artists.

The first co-organized international exhibition at Neliö-Galleria will feature works of Viennese artist Catherine Ludwig, a member of the Hotel infinity collective. Catherine Ludwig’s solo exhibition NATURE TRANSFORMATIONS is shown at Neliö-Galleria in Oulu from 7th of January until 2nd of February 2020.

Neliö-Galleria welcomes all to the the opening of the exhibition, on 7th of January at 17:00-19:00!

Catherine Ludwig, a Bavarian artist born in 1976, has been living and working in Vienna for nearly two decades. Ludwig is a transmedia artist and transcends the barriers between different media in both her work process and end result.
Ludwig has studied graphic design for five years in Nurnberg and transmedia art at the University of Applied Arts (prof. Kowanz) in Vienna. Her diploma yielded the award of Kunsthalle Wien in 2006.
Singe 2004, Ludwig has represented in numerous international and national exhibitions, and her works are available at the collection of Ursula Brickle Video archives. Recently she has participated in artist-in-residences in Taipei 2006, Berlin 2007, Sochi 2011, Hartheim 2012, Judenburg (A) 2013, Laugarvatn (IS) 2013, Detroit 2014, Gmunden 2015, Jakobstad (FI) 2016, Eckernförde (G) 2016, Bucharest (RO) 2017, and Switzerland (CH).