lauantai 5. huhtikuuta 2014

Hildegard Projekt: Haute Sculpture on Radio Študent

On a show on Radio Študent, entitled Fine umetnosti, journalist Miha Turk gave his review about the exhibition Hildegard Projekt: Haute Sculpture. He said that the exhibition brings an interesting reflexion about the creative process, where the exhibition itself is just a cherry on top of the whole process.
On the website of Radio Študent we can read the following words: »In one room, there is just a projection of a picture of eleven empty chairs and in the corner of the last room artworks are crammed as if they were stored in a depot. It is not clear if the result was the intention of the artists from the beginning or the conceptual nature of the exhibition is the outcome of some kind of a complication, which can happen when working in a group. But this is not actually important. Works, packed in the last room, are very meaningful. On one hand the physical material gives the alibi to the conceptually strong statement in other, almost empty, spaces. The artworks itself are the most abstract part of the exhibition. By itself they are just requisites, which indirectly give meaning and value to the biographies of the artists, who struggle from project to project. Projects, which have a practical value just because they enable the following projects.« 
The whole review is available on the website of Radio Študent (in Slovenian language).