maanantai 10. kesäkuuta 2019

Hiking and taping in Finnish National Landscapes – Kolin luontokeskus Ukko 10.6.–30.9.2019

Photo Exibiton by Juha Allan Ekholm ja Tuomo Kangasmaa

EXPEDITIONS FOR SITE-SPECIFIC ART is a collaborative art project between two visual artists: Juha Allan Ekholm (FIN) and Tuomo Kangasmaa (FIN). The work is a series of installations that combines photography and media art with site-specific and environmental installations.

The artists have created a working method based in camping that takes place close to wilderness and national parks. Small land art interventions: daily hikings and installations built to wildlife diffenrentiate the chosen site from its surroundings by using a caution tape and marks, forming silent statements in the landscape.

The working itself could be characterized by ”creating sculptures in the landscape by using tape”. The installations don´t leave any permanent marks in the landscape nor harm their targets by any means. The intention lies in forcing the spectator to note them and re-consider the scene thus creating different meanings in his/her mind. The scenes are documented and then taken down.The result is a momentary installation and an act of environmental art.

Together with art and camping, EXPEDITIONS FOR SITE-SPECIFIC ART includes social cohesion and reflective thinking about the relations between art, environment and humanity. Geographically, Ekholm and Kangasmaa`s artistic interest in this work can be defined to lie in the North and the national scenery -without national or international boundaries.

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